Buy BedBug Heaters – Testimonials


What our customers have to say!

“Heat has been an extremely beneficial addition to our arsenal.  It gives our customers a choice which is what we are all about….the customer!…….The customer service AFTER the sale is what will keep me buying my heat products from EcoForce ONLY!”

Tammy Galindo

Sure Shot Pest Management

“I wanted to take a moment to Thank EcoForce for their EXCELLENT service.

From the begining, during, and after the sale experience is superior.  EcoForce is not just trying to sell you equipment they are building customers for life. EcoForce walked me through the process and suggested the right equipment for what I wanted to offer… It is extremely easy to use and EcoForce has made it simple for anyone to use and get it right.  I would recommend EcoForce to anyone looking to buy or to get into the heater rental program. I was already having fairly good success at killing bed bugs but with the added heat process I know I will have even better results. Thanks EcoForce!!!!!”

     Chris Thierheimer

GuardTech Pest Management

“We are so excited to join your team of professionals who stay up to date on the most successful bed bug equipment around. I want to thank you for providing the utmost quality of service and the highest quality products on the market.  You guys are dedicated to your customers and provide the best service in our industry!”

John Gruber

All American Pest Management

“We are quite thrilled up here in in the great white north to be offering Canadians this system for killing bed bugs.  This is our first year renting the equipment and we are getting reviews.  People are a bit skeptical at first but, as we know, they are desperate to find an eco-friendly solution that works.  We now own three sets of equipment to cover the hotel, condo and residential market.

Some people get bed bugs and break down in tears.  I got bed bugs and started a business.”

Adrienne Winterhelt

Bed Bugs Dead Bugs