Buy BedBug Heaters – Hotel Bed Bug Heat Treatment

hotel_bedbugsGreat for commercial customers our bed bug heaters are discrete and an effective way to kill bed bugs in hotel/motel applications.

Make set up simple by accessing the room’s in-wall PTAC unit.  Treatments are complete in 12-24 hours!

In Room Procedure:

-Set up

-Remote Monitor with our Temperature Alert

-Tear down 12-24 Hours later (depending on level of infestation)

Our Most Popular Hotel Packages:

Treatment Report

EcoForce Pro-R26 Hotel Package w/ Splitter

Hotel Bed Bug Heat Treatment, Hotel Room 225 sq. ft., EcoForce Pro-R26 Hotel Package w/ Splitter.

EcoForce Pro-R26 Heater set to 130º Degrees.

Heat treatment report

BedBug Heat Treatment