120 Volt Bed Bug Heater Set up

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in a Hotel

EcoForce Pro-R26 Set Up

  1.  Cover all Sprinkler Heads

EcoForce Sprinkler Head Cover

2. Prepare Room.

-Prop beds to create good airflow on all sides of the mattress.

-Remove headboard.

Hotel bedbug setup hotel bed bug setup Bedbug Hotel Heat Treatment

3. Access the In Wall PTAC Unit (Air conditioner -which is on a 220 Volt power source)

Remove the Cord and Plug in Our Pro-A/C Splitter

Set up Pro R26 Ptac unit

4. Heater Set up

Plug the A/C Splitter into the all Red Ports.

The Remaining 4 Ports on the other side of the heater will plug into the Wall Outlets.

Half of the Unit runs off of the In Wall PTAC unit.

2 Additional 20 Amp Breakers required for full power.

EcoForce pro heater

EcoForce Pro setup

5. Remote Monitor or use a handheld temperature gun to monitor temps.

temperature alert bedbug treatment

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